14 Reasons Why I Love Australia

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a group of friends stood on their surfboards at the beach

Mountains, beaches, rainforest and a HUGE desert alongside modern and totally hip cities? That’s Australia!

I’ve only been living here for 18 months and still consider myself a newbie in many ways, but there’s one thing I have noted during my time here. I love Australia! As far as scenery, landscapes and beautiful destinations go this place it full to the brim. There’s so much variety when it comes to culture, activities, food and fun to be had.

It’s easy to see why this country is so appealing to travelers from backpackers, honeymooners, and families so if it isn’t on your list for places to visit, here’s why it should be!

The Beaches Look Like This…


a panoramic view of Whitehaven Beach in Queensland

Whitehaven Beach, Queensland

Pineapple Trees

a palm tree that looks like a pineapple

Not just a palm tree, a pineapple palm tree!

The Views Are Spectacular


the view from The Pinnacle at The Grampians National Park

The Grampians, Victoria

The Wildlife Looks Like This…


A koala sits in a tree in Queensland

A ‘patient’ at the Koala Hospital in Queensland

The Streets Are Full Of Art And Artists


wall art on hosier lane in melbourne

Hosier Lane, Melbourne

a musician plays a guitar down hosier lane in melbourne

Hosier Lane, Melbourne

You Can Buy Alcohol From ‘Milk’ Bars


a pot of beer outside a milk bar

I bought this beer from that bar – ‘A Bottle Of Milk’

You Can Eat This For Breakfast…


breakfast from two little pigs in brunswick

Pulled pork, pork belly, and bacon pieces loaded on top of a waffle.

It’s Home To The ‘Bush Doof’


five types of festival you need to attend

Rainbow Serpent Festival, Victoria

You Can Jump From Cliffs Into Blue Lagoons


a view of the ocean from mount martha pillars, a popular cliff jumping spot

Mount Martha Pillars, Victoria

There Are Random ‘Australia’s Biggest…’ Statues Everywhere!


a giant gorilla statue that you can have a picture taken with

Daylesford Mill Markets, Victoria

It’s Not Too Cold To Surf


a group of friends stood on their surfboards at the beach

Surf’s Up! Anglesea Beach

Abandoned Bikes Have Purpose


blue bicycles create a fence at the front of a home

A Bicycle Fence

You Can SkyDive Over The Great Barrier Reef


freefalling from 14000ft while skydiving in cairns

Cairns, Queensland


You Can Grill Sausages At The Beach…On Christmas Day!


grilling sausages under the gazebo on a beach in australia

Christmas 2016 on 90 Mile Beach, Gippsland


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