5 Types Of Festival You Need To Attend

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five types of festival you need to attend

We’re one day away from Instagram being chocka block to the brim of #Coachella2017 tags and I would LOVE to be one of the many posting pictures from California! But, unfortunately I’m on the other side of the world with no plans to cover my face in glitter this weekend.

Instead I got thinking about the 5 types of festival you need to attend if you’re a festival lover like me. I’m yet to experience the CA vibes but if I were to wrap up the festival in a couple of words based on what I know from the wonderful internet I’d say – Starstruck Sustainability! It’s one of those ‘must be seen’ festivals where you’re sure to spot numerous models, artists and social media influencers in between bright and colourful recycling initiatives disguised as art!

I think everyone should have at least one festival on their bucket list. For those who are festival mad, you’re entire bucket list is probably full of the ones you want to go to. They’re hopefully dotted all over the world in some of the most glorious settings imaginable, making each experience all the more magical…but whether you’re a seasoned partaker or you’re looking to get started, here are (in my opinion) the 5 types of festival you need to attend:

The Beach/Pool

one of the boat parties at Hideout festival in Croatia

A festival that can double up as a holiday at the beach? Yes! Who wouldn’t want to be able to recover from the nights while topping up their tan on the sand?

There are many to choose from (not so many in the UK though haha) but for the ultimate ‘summer party’ style I’d recommend you take a look at Hideout. Set on ZRCE Beach in Croatia, the 5 night festival is full of the usual energy you’d expect mixed with the perfect holiday feel, plus you don’t have to camp! Get yourself an apartment with your mates and spend your days at the many pool or boat parties sipping cocktails and listening to the laid back house beats before you slowly watch the nights unfold into a display of colour, lights and heavy base. There’s a great mix of house, techno and drum and base so take your pick and make sure you take time to chill on the beach in the early hours to watch the sun rise!

Check out: hideoutfestival.com

If underground electronic vibes and dancing in old fort grounds lined with fire sounds more your thing then check out Dimensions, also in Croatia, at Fort Punta Christo. More of the traditional ‘festival’ than Hideout with relaxed camping, hidden gems and mysterious locations to explore while the beach still provides your daytime setting for rejuvenation. Most importantly you’ll get to experience one of the coolest stages I’ve ever been to; the moat. It’s the perfect place to enjoy the deep end of electronica as well as some cheeky disco and dubstep.

I volunteered at Dimensions and had the time of my life working for the boat parties – get involved here. or for  general tickets check out: dimensionsfestival.com

Other BEACH Festivals to check out:

  • Sziget Festival – Hungary
  • Exit Festival – Serbia
  • Benicassim – Spain
  • Primavera Sound – Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain and Oporto, Portugal.

The Intimate

glorious sunshine while at secret garden party festival

Sometimes the big ones can be a little overwhelming, so if you like a bit of space to sit back, relax and take it all in then there are plenty of small festival options around. One of my favourites, and my first ever UK festival, was Secret Garden Party. This one is so close to home for me, literally, but for some crazy reason I’ve only been once! It has to be one of my favourite festivals ever, most likely because I had no expectations so was amazed at every little thing I discovered.

UK festivals can be a little hit and miss with the weather so be prepared for storm and sunshine when you pack! At this intimare festival there is something to explore at every turn from trick mirrors and mini obstacles to stumbling across asession in the woods where Seth Troxler himself was serving up chicken from the BBQ… #whyishesocool

The family friendly festival is independently run and set in beautiful landscape grounds with it’s very own lake, complete with half sunken pirate ship stage welcoming festival goers for a dance before being set on fire during finale night (not with anyone on it of course) following an explosive firework display that will rival any new year celebrations!

a black cat to fit the 'superstition' theme at Secret Garden Party festival

Oh and there’s always a different theme each year, I know right! It was ‘superstition’ the year we went, hence the black cat above! Explore 2017’s right here: SGP

Other INTIMATE Festivals to consider:

  • Shambala – Northampton, UK
  • Mysteryland – Netherlands
  • Strawberry Fields – New South Wales
  • The Garden Festival – Croatia
  • Positivas Festival – Latvia

The One Day’er

the standard 'put someone on your shoulder' while dancing at the back during a festival

If the thought of spending the night, or multiple nights, in a tent without access to proper showers and a large mirror so that you can apply as much glitter to your face as it can handle then maybe the one day’er is for you! These types of festivals have all the thrills of the 5 day camping cousins but you can rest easy knowing that if you go all out and hit it too hard on the first day you’ve got your warm and cosy bed to fall into later on.

If you’re looking for a one day ticket to a festival in the North of England that attracts big crowds and big names then Parklife could be the one. That said, this is not the place for chilled hippy loving festival vibes so go with precaution and expect to see a fight or two break out. If you can handle it, a 2 day ticket option is available which gives you the chance to properly refresh and recuperate at home before going again.

The music is a mix of all your widely known house and radio djs as well as classics and curve balls thrown in. This year Stormzy, London Grammar and Kolsch all play a part in the versatile line-up.

Check out the rest of the line-up and buy tickets for the full weekend – just $95.50 here. 

More ONE DAY Festivals to try:

  • South West Four – London
  • Let Them Eat Cake – Melbourne
  • Field Day – Sydney
  • Sensation – Amsterdam
  • Love Family Park – Germany

The Alternative

dancing at one of the theme camp stages while at Rainbow Serpent Festival in Victoria, Australia

With travel comes newly found festivals and ever since our arrival in Australia we were keen to experience how the Aussies do it and now I have, I’m wondering if it can be beaten? I was encouraged to buy a ticket for Rainbow Serpent Festival by a mate who was certain this was the one to be at but I had no idea what I was getting in to and it’s safe to say I went into it completely blind. The festival made a huge impression on my though and it kicked my year of with a bang, earning it’s place in my top travel highlights of 2016.

Not only was the line-up completely unknown to me, the music genre ‘Psychedelic Trance’ (something I had to google) was somewhat unfamiliar too…this is the alternative festival. If you’re looking for a festival that that goes back to basics, creates something quirky, colourful and interesting and doesn’t rely on head-line acts then this is definitely that. Rainbow Serpent is a place where international number 1 record selling artists, along with their fans, are alien and instead people attend for the personality of the festival, it’s atmosphere, amazing people and general happiness…whether that’s raving to music you have never heard of, having a coffee with a stranger or taking part in twerking workshops.

More ALTERNATIVE Festivals to try:

  • Lettuce Eat Rabbits – Byron Bay
  • Holi Festival – India
  • Battle Of The Oranges – Italy
  • Songkran – Thailand
  • Boryeong Mud Festival – South Korea
a festival goer stands in fancy dress in front of a giant coloured flower at rainbow serpent festival

Amazing visual decorations to go with the outrageous but totally acceptable outfits.

Find out more about the magical Rainbow, it’s leprechauns and gold here.


festival goers chill out on the grass while drinking ciders during the first day of Glastonbury festival

Keeping it chilled on the first day or two at Glastonbury.

Ok so, finally, we come to the ultimate type of festival…the huge! These are by no means the best, that’s all down to personal preference, but every festival enthusiast must experience having to walk miles between stages as well as the real possibility that you won’t be able to find your tent at night.

Welcome to Glastonbury.

Glastonbury attracts the biggest crowds in the UK

Getting a ticket is half the battle, but it’s so worth it to get a glimpse into the founder of all festivals, the original muddy wellies experience, which now boasts an attendance of 135,000 people and a line-up that appeals to the masses…2017 will welcome Radiohead, Foo Fighters and Ed Sheeran…#notjealous!

There’s everything you’d expect from a mainstream festival, non-stop entertainment, great food and copious amounts of cider but each stage area pulls off something different – make sure you venture to Arcadia for some fiery effects and if you want to keep going into the early hours Shangri-la will get you there, however, be prepared to be freaked out by giant baby decor among other things!

Other HUGE Festivals include:

  • Coachella – California
  • Electric Daisy Carnival – LA
  • Tomorrowland – Belgium
  • Rio Carnival – Rio
  • Burning Man – Nevada
the arcadia stage lit up at Glastonbury festival

Arcadia Stage at Glastonbury

There are SO many more types of festival out there I know but these are the few you should definitely think about if you’re looking to attend a festival this year. Each one will have something unique so it’s all about getting out there and exploring.

Rachel x

a group of friends in fancy dress costumes attending a festival in australia

Happy as Larry in my pink wig at Rainbow Serpent Festival.


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