A Snowy Walk In Healesville

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walking in the maroondah reservoir dam and park

This weekend there was a lot of talk about snow in Victoria, so being British we went on the hunt for it in the hope it may make us feel a little more at home. Just a short one hour car journey north of Melbourne, you’ll reach Healesville, which is part of the Yarra Ranges National Parks and positive there’d be snow on the ground, that’s where we headed.

On your way up to Healesville, it’s worth making a stop at the Maroondah Reservoir Dam and Park. There’s only a few short walks, mainly up and over the dam, but you get a beautiful view of the reservoir and get to walk across the magnificent dam wall.

walking in the maroondah reservoir dam and park


walking in the maroondah reservoir dam and park


walking in healesville


the view of the maroondah reservoir


walking over the Maroondah reservoir dam



a snowy walk in healesville


walking in snowy healesville


walking in Healesville


a red autumn leaf

A lot of people wouldn’t associate Australia with snow at all but in fact there is a thriving Ski Resort called Mt Buller with ample snowfall during the short winter months located just 3 hours from Melbourne with weekend and day trips all possible. So if you’ve got the time and want to splurge on a thrill seeking weekend up in the snowy mountains it’s all there for the taking!

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