Welcome to Daily Watermelon, a travel and lifestyle blog by me, Rachel! A 27 year old girl from England currently living the Australian dream in Melbourne and adding to a never ending list of destinations that I want to explore!

On the blog you’ll find heaps of info about my own travel experience including tips and guides to inspire your own travel planning as well as musings about some of my favourite things including food, fitness and fun stuff.


I’ve always wanted to travel long term, but until last year have only managed to dip my toes in, travelling up to four weeks at a time. I first caught the ‘travel bug’ when I bought a 30 day Interrail Pass and ventured through some of Europe’s most fascinating cities. I then embarked on my first solo trip, backpacking through Vietnam, Cambodia and North Thailand before deciding to save up for some permanent travel.

In April 2015, I left the daily stresses of Leeds (with boyfriend in tow) and I’ve since travelled through Dubai, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, where I spent 8 weeks training to become a Dive Master, before making the move to Australia.

After falling in love with the magic of Melbourne, we have now been based here for one year and immersed ourselves in it’s super relaxed culture, down right quirkiness and most importantly helluva lotta damn delicious food!

I hope you enjoy delving into the life of a Brit down under and can find some inspiration from the blog for your own adventures.