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delicious Asian fusion food from Chin Chin, Melbourne

To kick start the long Easter Weekend, James and I decided we’d make a spontaneous booking at Chin Chin and enjoy some good food, South East Asian style.

the menu at Chin Chin restaurant, Melbourne

The restaurant, paired with GoGo Bar downstairs, can be found at 125 Flinders Lane in the CBD and has no trouble attracting Melbourne’s food lovers. It’s one I’ve had my eye on for a while, I love Asian food and we’ve tried a lot of the asian inspired restaurants in Melbourne, so when James was recommended some of the dishes by his colleagues we had to try it.

The generously sized dining hall is always packed out and you can’t book, so get down there early and declare the size of your party – they’ll tell you when they can fit you in and also provide a text service alerting you when your table is ready if you want to sneak off for a pre dinner cocktail. We arrived just before 6pm and was given a half hour waiting time – perfect for a cheeky happy hour cocktail in one of the bars a few doors down.

treated ourselves to a large helping of red wine

We pondered over the menu for a while, even after the waiter talked us through it in detail. We just didn’t know what to go for – but that’s just us. There was the perfect solution to this of course as they offer a ‘Feed Me’ option where you will be served a selection of their favourite dishes for $69pp so if it’s your first time or you like a little taste of everything I would recommend taking the plunge and option for that. Thing is we had our eye on a couple of the dishes we knew wouldn’t be included – like the pork ribs and king fish wings – and figured we could fill up on a few sharing dishes for less.

So, what did we go for? We started with the scallops. Little parcels you could roll up yourself, full of all kinds of the usual asian flavours and delights – I could have eaten 10! On the table as well, were the King Fish Wings and Pork Ribs with an Asian salad on the side. You don’t often hear of fish wings and I was almost expecting chicken still until I dug my fork in and these beautiful white flakes of fish broke away underneath the light batter – absolutely gorgeous.


I was pretty satisfied with that to be honest but I couldn’t not devour the ribs as well and I knew we still had dry red curry with duck to arrive. The ribs, oh my, came in a bowl full of delicious sticky peanut sauce and were so meaty, if you ever get to visit this restaurant then do not pass up the chance to try these!

Finally, the duck – my choice – arrived and I immediately dished some of the coconut rice, crumbed soft boiled egg and duck on Β to my plate to round of the evening. I wasn’t disappointed and this was definitely my favourite dish but I’m always fond of duck and can never turn down a good curry.

TheΒ total bill came to just $150, including a litre of local Australian red wine that we’d polished off throughout and although it’s a fair bit ore than our usual dining splurge it was definitely worth it and so nice to get a taste of some of what the ‘proper’ restaurants have on offer. Melbourne really is Australia’s best city for food.

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