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So here it is, our little Christmas Tree. You can’t see the lights twinkling away in the dark winter lighting because it’s summer and averaging 35 degrees everyday, but make no mistake, it IS Christmas. Just not as we know it!

I’ve only ever been away from home once, and even then my family came with me for a skiing holiday in Turin. I don’t think James has ever been away either so it’s definitely going to be tough and in some ways that’s where I’m grateful to be in the middle of summer because  there’s a distinct lack of festiveness around. Decorations are there but again, they don’t get to shine in all their glory when competing with the sunshine that’s kicking about 15 hours a day.

As we’re a million miles away from family and friends we also haven’t had to really get into the spirit of buying presents from early November and we’re not wrapping up warm to take a trip to the Leeds German Market to swig down a few German steins as we usually would. Instead we’re still slapping on the sun cream and sipping on cider, which we’re not complaining about, and that’s what helps. If you didn’t check the date, you’d never know it was Christmas and so makes it easier to comprehend that we won’t be seeing our family come December 25th.

That said, I’m still looking forward to it. After all, it’s mine and James’ FIRST Christmas together and we’ll be beaching, drinking and eating (food which I’m going to attempt to prepare) ALL day and night with good friends and Secret Santa’s. It’ll be fun 🙂

Wish you could all be here though xxx


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