Close call, but he’s still here.

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a beautiful and peaceful view of the sea with a Sri Lankan flag

On New Years Eve we left for Unawatuna Beach (figured there might be more of a party there) which involved a short bus journey to Wellyama, then supposedly 5 hr to Matara, then to Unawatuna.

We ran in to a group we’d seen in Hatton, so all stuck together as we ignored the locals advice and got on the bus… it took just over 3 hours not 5 which we were more than happy with seeing as we were a little hungover but then the change on to Unawatuna would take 1.5.

This leads me to say, unsure he would make it to Unawatuna (love that place name), James decided he needed a quick toilet break so while the rest of us hopped on board he dived into the nearest one. Next thing I know we’re making a move so picture me running down the middle of the bus yelling ‘wait, wait…my friends on the toilet!’ They didn’t understand and actually thought I needed the toilet so when I didn’t get off the bus he started to move again..and again..and again! At this point another bus was stood in the place James had left ours so I laughed to myself at the fact he’d probably jump on the wrong one and I took the risk and jumped off finding James running two busses away.

One week in and I almost lost him already ?


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