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whale watching boat tour in mirissa, sri lanka

Wednesday 15th April 

In Unawatuna we took a whale and dolphin watching tour to Mirissa and it was well worth the £25! I’ve never done anything like it before and James had one attempt in Iceland but unfortunately didn’t see the whales so on recommendation from others that this was a guarantee to see multiple whales we went for it.

Our friend Sam came along too and we had to set off at 5:30am ready to leave the harbour in Mirissa at 7am. The water was so calm and beautiful so I refused the ‘free medicine’ (sea sickness tablets) and was fine. The previous day had supposedly been really rough and a lot of people were throwing up ha ha so I guess we were really lucky.


The first sighting was a school of Dolphins so we followed their path for a bit to see them all jumping out of the water, being the clever so and so’s that they are they kept ducking under and changing direction whenever we got close but they did show off a little for us so smiles all round.

For a while we thought we were going to be out of luck seeing the whales from a decent distance, we seemed to be far behind all the other boats who seemed to know where the whales were and so the first couple sightings we had were quite distant. The staff on the boat are insane with the way they can spot them…you’d hear one shout and point so everyone on the boat would run to the correct side excitedly. We were heading towards one sighting and were going to get an awesome view just as another boat selfishly cut in front so we only got a glimpse of the tail.

Our time finally came though and it was well worth it…we saw a mother and baby just some few hundred metres away and they surfaced for the longest we’d seen all morning, showing their HUGE bodies and finally flicking up the tail fins! Satisfied, we headed back to shore and returned to Unawatuna where we then made a move to the next beach – Hikkaduwa.

Also, the pictures on here aren’t always the best and unfortunately we don’t have any of the whales as we can only upload what we’ve taken on our phone for now! Sorry about that.

Rachel x

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