Ella, Ella! 

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things to do in Ella, Sri Lanka

Ella – Saturday 11th – Monday 13th

This place is really great! Even with the daily rain, we love it. Although…places don’t seem to stay open that late, or have very random closing times – Saturday night for example we couldn’t get a beer after 10 but then the next night we were out way past midnight. And considering it was actually their New Year holidays we were surprised, but I guess that’s the way a Brit would think.

To recap… (I’m actually catching up with this so thought I’d just slip in some cool photos and be done with it)

We climbed Ella Rock and it was hard! For some reason I was thinking a nice casual, steady walk in the sunshine so after reassuring James we could do it in flip flops we were on our way at 11am…3 hours later, a few wrong turns, some help from a guide and we were at the top…hot, sweaty and absolutely knackered!

After the hard work was done, we enjoyed a ‘Rotti’ – essentially a pancake  roll filled with spicy potato, veg and tuna with the best hot sauce ever!

Oh and here’s us enjoying a really great curry, a huge amount of food in 11 different bowls of goodness…costing just 700 rupees each, £3 or so?

We have of course eaten our daily watermelon. Some avacado, pineapple, bananas and a traditional Sri Lankan breakfast.

So, Ella was a lot of food fun mixed with some amazing scenery and a great night out with our friend Chulanka from Sri Lanka. We also met a couple from Belgium – Sam invited James to go and watch a Barcelona game with him one day while we watched Man City vs Man U … Seems I can never escape football!

Oh and we also saw a stray dog with the biggest balls, just swinging side to side as he chased a bitch down the road… We didn’t get a picture though, sorry!


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