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Just do it.

Ok so I stole that line from Nike but it makes sense. As they always say, however, it’s harder to do something than it is to say you’ll do something. And we were doing so well. I blame the change of pace we faced while in Koh Tao, Thailand – essentially stopping to ‘live’ on the island for 7 weeks, our travelling habits of moving from place to place stopped therefore eliminating long arduous bus or train journeys which typically resulted in a blog post!

So a few key things to remember if you’re trying to keep up with blog posts:

1) Set goals! 

As much as we like the laid back approach of ‘I’ll write when I’m inspired or when I feel like it,’ this is the easiest way to get behind. If you’re travelling from place to place it’s a good idea to write each time you leave or arrive, giving you the perfect material for a new post. However, as we experienced, if you’re in one place for an extended period you won’t be used to picking up the iPad to write mid stay. For this reason I’d set a frequency – say once a week – and if possible try to choose a day – maybe a Sunday – giving you a marker to aim for.

2) Guest Bloggers

If suffering from writers block and you’re lacking in inspiration for your next post, simply get someone else to do it. If you are aiming for a weekly blog post, there might not always be something new to write about but there’s always someone else’s perspective, experiences and style that would make a refreshing read for your viewers. Plus, it’s a great way to hold memories of the people you meet while travelling.

3) Picture perfect 

A picture can say a thousand words…every traveller knows their camera is their best friend and it’s never far from their grasp, so use those snaps for your next post! If you’re struggling with time and the idea of a full blog post is too hard for your brain to muster, then just upload a few pictures from your day or week with some short descriptions. You could even treat it like a ‘live post’ and sneak in a selfie doing whatever crazy travelling thing you’re doing at that very moment with a ‘brb I’m having way to much fun to be blogging today’ attitude.

So, that’s 3 things. Not many I know but in hindsight the answer is don’t be lazy…which we were…as well as having way too much fun diving in the tropics 🙂


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