How To Spend Christmas As A Traveller

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This year, we spent Christmas in Melbourne. Away from home, family and the fact that everything is taken care of…food, drinks, games the lot! We had no set menu or hour by hour plan, we just made sure we had a selection of alcohol, cheese, meat and seafood to get us through! Spontaneous is the word.

We’re not strictly what you’d call backpackers right now, we’ve been in the city for the past 6 months and have jobs, a flat and friends who also live here permanently but we still wanted to get amongst the novelty of Christmas Day in 35 degree heat…and there’s really only one way to do that – hit the beach!

So at midday, once James and I had woken up and exchanged pressies, our friends picked us up and we drove the short trip to St Kilda beach, cider in hand. I must admit, it was the best decision of the day so far. We spent an hour or so there, took a quick dip in the sea (fairly pleasant!) and laid on our towels, chatting and people watching. First ‘Aussie Crimbo’ tradition ticked off the list.

Having missed my usual smoked salmon and eggs breakfast, I was starting to get pretty hungry so we called time at the beach and got ourselves back to Brunswick, our thoughts consumed with cheese. 15 minutes later and we had a full spread of baked Camembert with cranberries and walnuts, chilli cheese, blue cheese, truffle cheese and brie as well as my homemade sausage rolls and mushroom rolls ? delightful. To be honest I probably would’ve been satisfied with cheese on tap all day, you can’t go wrong.

We’d all agreed to do secret Santa pressies so everyone could get something nice and have at least one thing to open. I reckon everyone was impressed, I’m certainly happy with my aviator shades and festival top ☺️ – it was actually nice to receive minimal presents, compared to what most would probably be used to at home, you certainly appreciate it and think more about what the rest of the day involves and means!

Moving swiftly onto some drinking games, we entertained ourselves with a few rounds of flunkyball and beer pong (if you follow my snapchat you may have seen how those ended!) until we’d worked up an appetite again ready for Aussie tradition number 2 and 3…the BBQ and seafood!

Here’s how that turned out:

Β  Lamb cutlets, pork loin, prawns and roasted vegetable medleys. Hats off to the Aussies, summer food certainly does suit Christmas feasting. And we tried out some Oysters too…

Oh and then we had a few of these: squashed reindeer.

Fair to say the drinks and games kept coming and we danced to several tunes (also featured on snapchats) …I’m glad we were lucky enough to have a great bunch of mates and a lovely home where this could all take place. The next day we saw that a tonne of travellers had hit the beach all day and night and I’ve no doubt the atmosphere would have been amazing but unfortunately the place got ruined and the beach was closed – our Boxing Day plans out the window.

Long story short, we have had an amazing Christmas here in Melbourne and it shows how much love can be shared and shown wherever you are and in whatever situation you are in. We hope all our gorgeous friends and families around the world have enjoyed their Christmas too!

Rachel and James xx

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  • Reply
    It's me, Mario
    December 27, 2015 at 8:13 am

    Melbourne a great city indeed – prefer it to Sydney any day…enjoy

    • Reply
      Daily Watermelon
      December 27, 2015 at 8:17 am

      Yep, we love it! Giving Sydney a go right now actually but don’t think we’ll change our minds ?

      • Reply
        It's me, Mario
        December 27, 2015 at 9:07 am

        Enjoy πŸ™‚ Greetings from windy Southampton

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