If you like sunsets and turtles…and getting caught in the waves ? (to the tune of piña colada song)

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I’ve just remembered, at one point in Unawatuna we thought we were under attack walking down the road as loads of close by loud bangs started going off! Turns out, to celebrate new year everyone throws these triangle shaped fireworks about. They basically just blow up with a small flame and loads of paper bursts out…pretty cool once you realise it’s not gun fire.

Buses are really decent in Sri Lanka – cheap, regular and saves a lot of hassle arguing with Tuk Tuk drivers – so we had no trouble making our way to Hikkaduwa. The problem comes in the bus station when homeless people spot you and jump on the bus, pestering you for money. One guy really would not give in, we said no again and again and in the end the locals realised what was happening and started jumping in to our defence. Result! He was kicked off the buss and made sure we were OK. I was really impressed by their attitude and was grateful. Next stop Hikkaduwa, a beach dominated by surfers, coral, waves, turtles and generally a take everyday as it comes culture – I had already decided this would be my favourite.

We found a cheap place to stay, with a waterfront seating area where we watched the sun disappear, a perfect end to a great day. It was Margaret’s birthday the next day so we got some drinks and had a class evening and hangover free morning as Margaret gave us some Vitamin B (we hope!) tablets which seemed to work a treat.

We have spent the last couple days chilling on the beach here, playing in the waves (which by the way are massive and we’ve been wiped out a few times), watching the turtles come in to shore and getting sunburnt…it’s been amazing!


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