How to haggle for a tuk tuk in sri lanka

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The question of haggling is an odd one, are the locals really taking the piss or are we just being tight? Knowing that the local rate for a short tuk tuk ride was rarely more than 50-100 rupees…we found ourselves turning down rides which would cost 200 even when three of us would be sharing…that’s a difference of 25-50p!

We really should’ve paid the guy 200 as he had to make a few u-turns driving around the mountains to find a place called Helga’s, which we were venturing to on recommendation from fellow Leeds Alumni, Caitlin. We made it in the end and we’re greeted by quite a quirky mountain top hotel with cosy sofas and giant notepads to draw in at your own will (James added his signature cartoon portrait of course) as well as huge candle stick holders with years and years of melted wax, took me back to when I used to attempt the candle in the bottle trick and always failed miserably!

We were at this mystical den with James’ new best mate Philip (sorry Jono), Caitlin, Jan (from the Czech Republic) and Chulanka (from Sri Lanka) and here we stayed for most of the afternoon drinking beers which were generously paid for by Chulanka, and hearing stories about dirty monks on buses; note to self, do not sit next to one and be prepared to be blamed if they start pleasuring themeselves in public.

Anyways, it was really great getting to know the guys and it’s unfortunate that they won’t be travelling in our direction but hope to see them again soon. Chulanka willΒ be in Ella visiting his family for the new year so we will try and meet up with him there to experience a real Sri Lankan new year.

Next stop, Delhousie and the mighty Adams Peak!

Rach x

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