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The whole toilet thing while travelling has always been a hurdle everyone is forced to overcome, there’s no way around it and you just need to embrace it and work with what you’ve got. It’s never really bothered me, having to squat over the hole in the ground or use the water hose they kindly provide when I’ve realised I splashed my flip flops…but the other day I was met with something new. Infact, I don’t thing you can call it a something as it was actually a nothing.

After our second Laksa from the same hawker stall 2 days in a row, I spotted a toilet sign at the back and made my way. I was pointed in the direction of the cubicle and stepped inside, spotting the usual water bucket with scoop (the holes in the ground ‘flush’ by pouring water into it) but stood confused seeing there was no ground basin/hole. Unsure what this meant, I stepped outside and checked the sign…definitely says toilet. I went in again and at that point spotted a small gutter like drain running to the left corner of the cubicle floor. The penny dropped.

That was the first time I peed directly onto a floor in an actuall designated toilet cubicle, having to then rinse the floor with a scoop of water to flush away..! Considering installing a wet room style toilet in my future house ?

Rachel x

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