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Tuesday 7th April 

The plane is hot, I’m dying of thirst and we’re delayed…well at least I’ve got my ‘Islamist’ book (thanks Roy for letting me borrow it!) I just hope people don’t get the wrong impression and throw me off, ha! Right, I’m going to attempt Taken 3 and and some plane food (chilli chicken), not actually that hungry but got to get my money’s worth, bye for now!

Taken 3 was decent, actually better than the first! What wasn’t decent was the rip on my bag…I’ll remember to put the rucksack cover on next time so lesson1 learnt. Anyway, we arrive in Colombo and are immediately offered a taxi but determined to get a bus (Rachel more so than me) we went in search. After a few attempts locating the right bus, and some questionable advice from local taxi companies, we were defeated and settled for a taxi which was probably best as it would be a 3 hour ride and we were already at 7pm. While arranging the taxi, we also met an Oz family, Matt and his wife (Rach forgot her name) and their daughter Elisha, who we said we’d get in touch with once we reached Melbourne.

OK so, 6700 rupees later we make it to 95 Aniwatta Road (talk about going round the houses) but were greeted by a slightly confused looking owner who appeared to not be expecting us. Following a broken conversation we got a room and for a better price than expected, result! It’s a 3 bed and we’re sharing with 21 yr old Philip from Denmark…say hi Philip:

“Hi there, wishing you both a nice holiday I’m Sri Lanka with a lot of great and unique moments and experiences! Have a safe trip and enjoy every second because time really flies by!”

James x

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