The Tim Tam Slam

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how to do the tim tam slam

The Tim Tam. Australia’s most famous ‘cuisine’ …says a lot! It comes in a variety of flavours of chocolatey goodness and you’re advised of one way, and one way only, to eat it.
Nibble, suck and melt.
Now, I’d heard all about the Tam Tam and how amazing and delicious it was that I looked forward to finally arriving in Australia to try it out. Even when I spotted a glimpse on a shelf in a Thai 7/11 I resisted and decided it’s home ground would be the only satisfactory place to enjoy it. James and I were told about the method best to eat it, which involved biting off the corner at opposite ends and sucking hot tea/chocolate/coffee through it until it melts so quickly you have to shove it in your mouth. I have to admit, I was sold. I couldn’t wait to try.

Being quite the chocolate connoisseur, I was expecting some spectacularly created, new realms of heaven chocolate bar that I had never crossed paths with before but when James and I bought our first pack and opened it up I was filled with familiarity. Yes, this Aussie chocolate delight had actually been sitting in my Mums treat cupboard since I was 5 in the form of a Penguin.

I could be wrong, and I would very much like everyone at home to try it, but my immediate thought was you could do the exact same thing with a Penguin bar? I was some what disappointed in the suspense I’d put myself through, waiting till my feet hit Aussie soil to try it but I obviously didn’t let that defeat me. I had another. And another.

I think it’s the method that’s brought the Tim Tam to fame as it’s really quite average without making it go all soft and gooey. That leads me to suspect the same about all Australia’s traditional cuisine…they haven’t discovered any new foods or meals but they’ve discovered weird and wonderful ways to eat them. Take banana bread for example, supposedly you’re meant to whack it in the toaster and put butter on it? Who knew. And roast chicken..nah don’t stick it in the oven with a lemon inside, put a can of beer in it instead!

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n.b – the ‘three bean’ Tim Tam was used for our step by step demo (vanilla, coffee and cocoa blend). We have also tried the original and peanut butter flavours.

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