Travelling The East Coast; Coffs Harbour 

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Stunning views of the mountains on the way up to Dorrigo National Park

We were given the names of a couple of small towns by the owner of Black Duck Brewery that he suggested we stop at for coffee or lunch. The first was Bellingen, which seemed quaint but also quiet. We soon realised why things were so quiet when we stopped at a cafe and were told the town was without electric due to a power cut! Wanting food, we cut our losses and headed for the second suggested town, Sawtell.

Here there was electric and also a lot more choice when it comes to food. We found a place called TREEO and sat down. I loved it here. I ordered homemade lemonade infused with raspberries, which came in a litre sized jar and an open flatbread with falafel, hummus and cous cous. Both were incredible, well worth the stop.

Our next humble abode was a large complex with hotel rooms that were almost like apartments, in the form of little villas connected via a rabbit warren of paths and complete with couch, fridge and microwave. This place was the best location yet since the lounge area overlooked the beach just 200m or so away. Plus we had some better weather here so got straight to it and caught the last couple hours of rays.

The next day, Philippa and Clive were keen to make the most of the good weather so decided they’d stay around the hotel alternating from pool to beach while we took the car and drove to the Dorrigo National Park in search of waterfalls. If you ask James if the drive was worth it he’d definitely agree, but most likely just for the actual drive itself! The roads were winding and gradually climbed higher and higher until you overlooked incredible mountain views, I must admit I loved it too and we hadn’t even made it to the park yet.

Dorrigo sat at 752 metres altitude so you can imagine the views we encountered. We entered the park for just $2 and made our way to The Wonga Walk Trail, which kicked off with a ‘skywalk’ that led you out onto a wooden pier overlooking the mountains before beginning a 2 hour subtropical rainforest walk full off 600 year old trees, colourful fungi and waterfalls. There were two and I loved them both. I don’t know what it is about waterfalls but I’m always captivated, one even had a path that led behind it and it was beautiful. There’s only one thing better than looking at a waterfall and that’s swimming in one! You possibly could have swam in these but they were a little tricky to get to (lots of potentially slippery rocks and slopes) so after the walk we went to Dangar Falls, one more typical for swimming. Unfortunately though it started to rain just as we got there and it actually looked a little too vast for swimming, you wouldn’t want to go anywhere near the waterfall itself either as it was hurtling over the cliff at 100mph!


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