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My gorgeous open flatbread with falafel and hummous from TREEO Cafe

Today I’m feeling a foodie #throwback and I was thinking of the cute little place we stopped at for brunch while travelling the East Coast of Australia towards Coffs Harbour.

We stopped in a town called Sawtell by chance since the previous one was out of electricity and nobody could rustle up some grub for us! I was more than glad that we were forced to venture onwards though because we found TREEO Cafe and were immediately drawn in to the laid back vibe along with the promise of fresh lemonade and an all day breakfast menu. They claim to have the biggest menu on the coast and it was certainly the best I’d seen so far – I couldn’t wait to tuck in.

Everyone ordered their coffees and I went for the raspberry infused lemonade to quench my thirst. It did a little more than that. I think I’d go as far and say that it was the best soft drink I’ve ever had. I got what seemed like a full litre sized jar of fresh lemonade served with ice and fresh raspberries that gave it a little sharpness but not too much to make you pull one of those sour faces!

A jar full of homemade lemonade with raspberry from TREEO Cafe, Sawtell

Home-made lemonade infused with raspberries.

I abandoned the all day breakfast options when I saw the open wrap with falafel, hummus and tzatziki – yum! Philippa and Clive, James’ parents, also went down the lunch route and opted for the chicken wrap while James stuck with his trusty order of breakfast fritters served with poached eggs and bacon.

My gorgeous open flatbread with falafel and hummous from TREEO Cafe

My open falafel, couscous and hummus flat bread… YUM!

None of the meals were ‘standard’ to say the least. Servings were large, prepared with local ingredients and cooked, flavoured and  presented to perfection. We even had a little room to share a gooey chocolate brownie which hit the sweet spot perfectly.

Our delicious food from TREEO Cafe in Sawtell

James’ usual order of corn fritters.

All of it was delicious and I’m a little gutted it’s so far from Melbourne, though I’m always on the hunt for something similar. I know there will be something around I just need to look harder and that means try more food, no problem!

If you’re travelling along the East Coast at any point and need somewhere to stop for breakfast, brunch, lunch or coffee then Sawtell is well worth your time. There’s even a historic cinema over the road in case it’s a rainy day but if not you can sit under the giant fig trees that line Sawtell’s First Avenue.

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