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vegan carrot cake

There’s no shortage of amazing cafes and eateries around Albert Park in Melbourne, so I’m always spoilt for choice when it comes to my lunch break at work. This month though, since I’m steering clear of meat, it’s been a little trickier but luckily Melbourne is one of those ultra up to date and in touch cities so finding vegetarian options is never out of reach. There just so happens to be a little place, specialising in vegan foods, right around the corner from my office and it’s delightful. I can’t really call this a cafe review since I haven’t enjoyed a full meal yet but I’ve tasted a couple of their smaller menu selections and would recommend it to anyone who loves to eat whole-food ingredients and enjoys a refreshing super food juice or smoothie.

Check out their Instagram @urbanprojuice and drool…

I’d been before during my carnivorous days but wasn’t drawn by the vegan menu, instead stopping to get a much needed green juice on a Monday morning following a long weekend session of beer drinking in the sun! I ordered the aptly named ‘detox me’ with pears, ginger, spinach and avocado and it absolutely did as it promised, it was so fresh I was instantly rejuvenated ready for the day. The menu carries the Albert Park price tag, $10 for a large, but it’s well worth it. There’s even options to add any extra super food ingredients like Maca Powder and Chia Seeds, perfect for those who crave the most on trend nutritional ingredients.

a pears, ginger, spinach and avocado smoothie from Urban Projuice

Detox Me – Pears, Ginger, Spinach and Avocado Smoothie.

On my second visit with a few of the other girls from work, I needed a little something to go with the salad that was already sat in the fridge and I couldn’t decide between the huge chunk of vegetable frittata or vegan sausage roll, so in the spur of the moment I actually opted for a slice of vegan carrot cake, thinking I would take the opportunity to have a guilt free treat! I later realised, however, after Googling how to make vegan carrot cake, that this was not one of those amazing gluten free, raw food, sugar free creations and vegan obviously just meant no eggs or no so still had all the usual servings of flour and sugar in it, never mind.

a slice of vegan carrot cake in a box with coconut flavoured yoghurt

Vegan Carrot Cake with Coconut Yoghurt

It came with coconut yoghurt and I devoured every last mouthful. The flavour was incredible, the sponge had the perfect texture and was moist, despite the absence of egg, and best of all the portion was huge. Gap filled. And no guilt whatsoever was felt that day.

I’m looking forward to my next visit to Urban Projuice, where I intend to have a crack at the all day breakfast menu. Choosing between a matcha bowl, chai apple pancakes and the big breakfast will be difficult but I’m confident I’ll be satisfied with any, even if purely for the reason that each is served with little edible flowers on top.

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