A Visit To Daylesford Cider Company

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cider taster paddle at Daylesford Cider Company

Melbourne really comes alive in summer, but winter is by no means a write-off! If you’re a fan of drinking cider in the countryside with glorious fireplace settings, then you should visit Daylesford Cider Company this winter.

The beauty of Melbourne means that even in the winter months, with no festival in sight, it’s still perfectly acceptable to spend an afternoon drinking cider. So last weekend when we discovered there was a Cider Company in nearby Daylesford, that’s exactly what we did.

Venturing beyond the city is a must for any Melbourne dweller. There’s so much to discover in every direction, you’d be a little silly to stick to the tram lines and inner suburbs. Daylesford is about 115km northwest of Melbourne and can be reached in just 1.5 hours by car. The spa town is well worth the journey. Located in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range, it’s a haven for nature with beautiful lakes, natural spas and walking trails.

But if you’re looking for things to do in Daylesford beyond taking in the scenery, there’s plenty more. One being the Daylesford Cider Company.

The welcome sign at Daylesford Cider Company


the entrance to Daylesford Cider Compant

Once you arrive in Daylesford, the Cider Company is just 5 minutes east of the town. The quaint brick building surrounded by a homely courtyard and lots of luscious green gardens reminded me of a British style barn conversion. We timed it just right, arriving around lunch (convenient) so we settled on a table in front of the fireplace.

Two girls were playing acoustic guitar and singing for visitors. Those country vibes were already settling in and we hadn’t even ordered any cider yet!

Acoustic music at Daylesford Cider Company

cider taster paddle at Daylesford Cider Company

The taster paddle boards were a steal, $10 each. There are seven different ciders to try, all produced on site and made using organically grown English-heritage listed cider apples. We decided to share a paddle between two but could have easily polished one off solo.

Cosy fireplace at Daylesford Cider Company

signing the guest book at Daylesford Cider Company

We spent a good couple of hours just enjoying the atmosphere, as well as eating and drinking. The menu included some too good to miss country favourites like Pea and Ham Hock soup, a variety of pies as well as lamb sausage and mash. The guest book adds a nice touch, too hard to resist for some 😉 !

Taster Paddle at Daylesford Cider Company

You can order each of the ciders sampled on the taster paddle by the bottle and there is even a selection to take home. If you’re a fan of steaming hot drinks, they have their own homemade version of mulled cider, which I would definitely recommend. There’s nothing quite like sipping on a hot alcoholic beverage while sat by the fire on a winters day in the countryside!

Daylesford Cider Company

If you want to explore the cellar door at Daylesford Cider Company and really get to know the process that goes into making delicious cider, it’s open Wednesday to Sunday. They also provide private functions, events and Orchard and Cidery tours. Check out their website for more details here.

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